Sal Nesci retires after 20 years with Meriden Police Department

Sal Nesci retires after 20 years with Meriden Police Department


MERIDEN — Police Capt. Salvatore Nesci will retire this week after a 20-year career.

Nesci joined the Meriden Police Department in April 1992 as an auxiliary officer and was hired full time in August 1996. He became a lieutenant in 2007, and was recently promoted to captain. At the start of his career, Nesci taught the DARE program and was the city’s first school resource officer.

“It’s been a long time,” Nesci said at his home on Tuesday. “I had a very fulfilling career. I have gotten to do and see more than the average officer gets the opportunity to do because of my career track and the direction my career went in.”

In 2005, Nesci was tasked with restarting the community policing unit. He helped build the program into the current Neighborhood Initiative Unit. Dave Swedock, former president of the Council of Neighborhoods, called Nesci a “legend in the city.”

“The whole city is going to miss him,” Swedock said. “He has the highest morals of anyone I’ve ever seen...He would never take the low road.”

Deputy Chief Timothy Topulos said Nesci became the “face of the Meriden Police Department.”

“The partnerships he forged in our community remain intact today,” Topulos said. “He built bridges and brought our community together...He enhanced public trust and promoted a true spirit of cooperation.”

Nesci also faced some difficult times in his career. In 2010, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After having the tumor removed, Nesci pushed himself back to work as soon as possible.

In July 2015 his sister, Loredana Nesci, was murdered in California. Her son, Rocco, 6, came to live with Sal Nesci and his family. Nesci said the department and community were very supportive of him during that time.

His wife Diane Nesci said their children — a daughter and twin sons — learned many values from their father, including dedication and work ethic and the importance of education. Nesci obtained his associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees while working as a police officer. He now also works as an instructor at Post University in the emergency management and homeland security program, and in the public administration program.

On Monday, Nesci will start as the head of the Regional Water Authority Police Department. The position, which is based out of New Haven, will have Nesci heading a smaller police department for the non-profit public corporation with 27,000 acres of land. He looks forward to providing the same level of service he gave to the people of Meriden.

“At the end of the day law enforcement is there to help people,” Nesci said.

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