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Meriden Building Permits

MERIDEN — The following building permits have been issued:

A & J Partnership, LLC, 868 Hanover Road, pool, $3,000.

Lionel Andujar, 45 Lanouette St., pool, $2,000.

Namco, LLC, 49 Green Road, pool, $850.

Daniel J. Rogers, 10 Prescott St., decks, $1,000.

Bell Atlantic, Inc., Birchwood office, satellite dish/antennas, $5,500.

Bell Atlantic, Inc., 119 Empire Ave., satellite dish/antennas, $12,500.

Hartford Restoration, Inc., 410 E. Main St., roofing, $78,000.

Aesthetica, LLC, 477 Baldwin Ave., roofing, $2,518.

Power Home Remodeling Group, 10 Thompson Crest, roofing, $12,410.

Brosnan Roofing & Home Improvement, 150 Cheshire Road, roofing, $4,000.

Diamond Inc., 10 Meadow Way, roofing, $10,000.

Michael Coppola, 47 North St., roofing, $4,200.

Power Home Remodeling Group, 46 Foster St., alterations, $6,084.

Cortland Development, Inc., 109 Hanover St., alterations, $3,700.

Elizabeth Mahadocon, 26 Smith St., alterations, $600.

THD At Home Services, Inc., 44 Garden St., alterations, $2,080.

Residential Revolution, LLC, 25 Belmont Ave., alterations, $9,800.

George and Donna, LLC, 306 Britannia St., alterations, $1,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., 150 Cobblestone Lane, $15,000.

Power Home Remodeling Group, 60 Lanouette St., alterations, $5,461.

All Type Pool and Spa Service, 230 Catherine Drive, poolk $4,300.

Matthew Mierzejewski, 150 Evergreen Lane, deck, $900.

Value Install, 1371 E. Main St., alterations, $7,500.

ML Murdy Company, LLC, 24 Harrington St., alterations, $8,100.

Dolores A. Gudain, 511 W. Main St., alterations, $620.

Roger C. Norke, 338 Coe Ave., roofing, $7,600.

Fortuna Iamunno, 687 W. Main St., roofing, $5,500.

City Roofing & Siding, 330 Knob Hill Road, $3,900.

Renee Kenney, 135 Northfield Road, roofing, $4,000.

All Type Roofing II, Blackstone Village, roofing, $16,000.

Jeffrey M. Stark, 18 Winthrop Terrace, $600.

Stan Lipka, 119 Pinehurst Drive, roofing, $3,000.

Brosnan Roofing & Home Improvement, 62 Valley View Drive, roofing, $7,800.

Michael J. Hanna, 105 Orchid Road, siding, $5,000.

Gary E. Boehringer, 92 Clearfield Drive, $11,264.

Peter J. Escobar, 79 Beth Ann Circle, repairs, $2,500.

Edward Scott & Associates, LLC, 200 W. Main St., repairs, $4,175.

ADCO Sign Company, 470 Lewis Ave., signs, $2,000.

Michelle J. Pych, 123 View St., decks, $3,500.

Ronald P. Lavoie, 49 Green Road, decks, $2,000.

Francisco and Evelyn Agudo, 52 Freemont St., decks, $5,000.

William C. Moehl, 118 Reservoir Ave., alterations, $500.

Myers Construction, LLC, 73 Andrews St, alterations, $20,000.

Yolanda Rodriguez, 38 S. First St., alterations, $2,500.

Edward J. Smith Co., 1295 E. Main St., tent/trailers, $500.

CLS Planning & Construction, 533 S. Broad St., alterations, $148,700.

CLS Planning & Construction, 533 S. Broad St., alterations, $542,800.

Brothers Pool Enterprise, Inc., 201 Debbie Drive, pool, $14,000.

Cobblestone of Meriden, LLC., 127 Cobblestone Lane, single family dwelling, $89,520.

Harry I. Dougherty Jr., 255 Dexter Ave., alterations, $11,900.

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