Pedestrian struck on Old Colony Road in Meriden

Pedestrian struck on Old Colony Road in Meriden

MERIDEN — A car hit a pedestrian on Old Colony Road Thursday night, sending the female victim. The woman suffered minor injuries, said Sgt. Robii Abouchacra

Armalinda Duarte was in a vehicle being driven by her husband on Hanover Road. The car was stopped at the traffic light at the Old Colony Road intersection, preparing to make a left turn. Duarte, who does not speak English, said through an interpreter—her granddaughter Andrea Silvino, 20— that the woman, along with a male companion, was crossing the street when John Duarte accidentally hit her.

Abouchacra said no charges were filed against John Duarte and that the pedestrian was at fault in the incident. The woman was issued a verbal warning for misuse of the highway, he said.

The road was blocked for about a half-hour, but the incident will not require investigation by the police department’s traffic division, Abouchacra said.

— Jeff Gebeau

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