Meriden fire crews finish extinguishing a car fire on West Main Street Thursday afternoon. The man who was working on the car when it caught fire was burned on his leg and had some smoke inhalation. (Lauren Sievert Record-Journal)

Meriden resident taken to hospital after car fire

MERIDEN — A city man working on a car in a garage on West Main Street suffered burns Thursday afternoon after the car ignited.

A column of thick, black smoke prompted residents to call the fire department to 231 W. Main St. shortly before 2 p.m. Thursday.

Ivan Jutasy, who owns a garage at that address, said his son, Ivan Jutasy Jr., was working on a car outside the shop when it caught on fire. His son’s leg was burned when material fell off the car, Ivan Jutasy said. Ivan Jutasy said he went outside when he saw the smoke, but didn’t see any flames.

Assistant Fire Chief Robert Burdick said it looked like Ivan Jutsay Jr. was cutting the car for scrap using an oxyacetylene torch.

The fire was put out within two minutes, Burdick said.

Ivan Jutasy said he was shoveling snow on the car before fire crews arrived. Burdick said it was good Ivan Jutasy moved the torch away from the burning car, or the fire could have been worse and spread to other cars nearby.

Ivan Jutasy Jr. was taken to the hospital for treatment and was using an oxygen mask after inhaling smoke.

The block of West Main Street near the garage was closed while fire crews cleared the scene.

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