Larceny charges in Meriden bank error case

MERIDEN — A city man faces first-degree larceny charges after police say a bank error deposited more than $22,000 in his account and he withdrew the money.

Willie Pender, 37, of 76 N. Main St. was arrested Wednesday .

Sgt. Darrin McKay, police spokesman, said Pender opened a business bank account at People’s Bank and was issued a debit card for the account.

On Jan. 29, a bank error deposited more than $22,000 into Pender’s account, which only had about $1 in it at the time, McKay said.

Bank records showed Pender checked his balance soon after the deposit and saw the money in the account, McKay said.

Over a period of about a month, Pender withdrew money from ATMs and made purchases with the debit card linked to the account, McKay said.

McKay said the bank discovered the error and notified police, but Pender was “not forthcoming” when detectives tried to talk to him about the money.

Police obtained surveillance photos from ATMs showing Pender withdrawing the money and applied for a warrant charging Pender with larceny, McKay said.

Pender turned himself in when he learned of the warrant, McKay said.

He was released on $10,000 bail and is due in Meriden Superior Court on March 19.

— Lauren Sievert

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