Meriden fire fighters work on getting the third woman out of a car on East Main Street after a two car crash about 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. (Lauren Sievert |Record-Journal)

3 injured in 2-car accident on East Main Street in Meriden this morning

MERIDEN — Three people were injured in a two-car accident Wednesday morning at East Main and Pratt streets.

Fire Lt. Maggie Bender said the call came in just before 7 a.m. Fire, police, and emergency medical personnel were on scene. The front end of a Jeep was facing Pratt Street, and the front end of an Oldsmobile Alero was facing west on East Main Street toward the train tracks. The front bumper of the Alero was broken off and in the road by the Jeep. Two of the three women in the Alero and the woman in the Jeep were taken to the hospital. As crews were removing the woman from the Jeep, an infant car seat was taken out, but Bender said there was no child in the Jeep at the time of the collision.

Ken Zercie, a dispatcher for Hunter’s Ambulance, was on his way to work and saw the accident. Zercie said he was stopped at the red light, coming down East Main Street toward West Main Street. Zercie said he saw the three women get into the Alero, which was parked on the curb on East Main Street. Zercie said the Alero sped up, cutting around the lanes of traffic, and then locked up its brakes when it reached the intersection. A city bus was turning from Perkins Street onto East Main Street, and the Alero narrowly avoided striking the bus, Zercie said. The Alero struck the Jeep, which was headed from Perkins Street toward Pratt Street, Zercie said.

Zercie said he called Hunter’s immediately and requested two ambulances to the scene. He pulled in front of the Alero so they couldn’t take off, Zercie said. (203) 317-2225 Twitter: @LaurenSievertRJ

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