Meriden property transfers

MERIDEN- Property transfers reported from March 12 to March 18

Fannie Mae to Melissa Borges, 224 Curtis St., $83,500.

United States of America to Alyssa M. Pichardo, Unit 851, Building 8, Blackstone Village Condo, $28,500.

HSBC Bank USA to Mike Mingolello, 24 Terrace Garden, $63,799.

Fannie Mae to Handy Guys, LLC, 87 Virginia Drive, $81,000.

Fannie Mae to Donna Chalue, 83 Crown Street Ext., $50,000.

RCM Capital, LLC to Dana and Guy Smith, Jr., 166 Lewis Ave., $135,000.

US Bank to Marilyn Carrion-Diaz, 246 Wall St., $96,000.

Edgard D. Sevilla to Wells Fargo Bank, 26 Timberlea Drive, $154,981.

US Bank to Eroildo Nieves, 296 Bradley Ave., $73,500.

Robert Lawrence, Andrew Richard, Florence E. and Richard A. Gill to Kathleen C. Sima, 4 Finch Ave., $121,000.

Jonathan Gibbs to Nicholas R. and Kara B. Felton, 92 Pettit Drive, $214,000.

Karen Nash to Joshua P. and Sarah A. Walden, 421 Rive Road, $165,000.

Christopher A. Candido to Scott Hozebin, 8 Lydale Place, $75,000.

Rooster Realty, LLC to Howard A. Lohmann Sr., 50 Yale Ave. and 67 Ann View Terrace, $200,000.

Ronald J. Kogut to Howard A. Lohmann, Sr., 147 Ann St., $100,000.

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