Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Is it 2018 yet?

To the editor:

It’s OK to lose a game, it’s OK to fail a test and learn from it but when the state’s bond rating and residents and businesses are fleeing from the state it’s not OK to present a state budget that does not change the systematic flaws in the bloated Connecticut employees state union-induced (and Joe supported) pension system. That lies at the feet of Joe Aresimowicz and his Democrat friends Cathy Abercrombie and Terry Gerratano, who have beefed up pensions and salaries and too many state employees. Their budget offered no real change to the pension system – it just threw the problems down the road for five years – maybe giving them enough time to flee the state.

We should not expect more from Joe. After all, his own salary comes directly from the same system that he is pushing through for you to accept. We can also talk about the union salary he also receives.

The Record-Journal also deserves a failure mark. They fail to call him on anything. All the newspaper pieces are written like they work for Joe as his public relations department.

Joe doesn’t want to hear doom and gloom about the state? Isn’t that like putting your head in the sand? Or as a child putting your head under the covers when you are afraid of the dark?

Joe is not a leader– neither is Cathy Abercrombie.

Connecticut deserves better than Joe and Cathy. Berlin and Meriden residents deserve better than Joe and Cathy. We need someone who is willing to say “enough” and to say “yes,” Connecticut is in a bad place and our state government needs to make real change to make businesses want to stay here and move here.

2018 can’t come soon enough for our town and our state.

Anne Reilly

Berlin GOP Chairperson

New leadership needed

To the editor:

As a recent Berlin High School graduate, and a tax-payer, I’m disturbed by the lack of leadership at the state capitol by our own representative, Joe Aresimowicz.

“Rep.” Joe’s failure to bring forward profound and real reforms to the state is incredibly sad and disheartening. Time and again we see Joe put his own interests before the priorities of his constituents. He supports employee pension obligations which will further erode the fiscal stability of our state. He feels that we need tolls; like we don’t get taxed enough. His failure to deliver on a budget on time hurts our bonding and how Connecticut is perceived by businesses in our state, and those that may look to move here.

I want to speak to very specific age groups. For those age 18-25: We are the ones who are going to be paying for Joe’s incompetence for the rest of our lives because he put his own interests in front of our own. 25-34: Looking for a job is harder than ever before because of the mockery Joe has made of the state. Businesses cannot take us seriously any more. 35-54: Think about what you are working towards financially and having the burden of higher taxes on your plate. 55-plus: Think about your retirement, and what you had to work for to get where you are now.

Joe’s failure becomes something that we will all pay for. But as a young adult who is trying to remain in Connecticut, we can’t keep him in power.

We need new leadership. We need change.

Fred Morley Jr.

East Berlin

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