Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Make a positive impact

To the editor:

Each and every day, the average American produces four pounds of trash. Around 30 percent of this trash is recyclable. Within our community, recycling can make a huge impact on our way of life. By recycling, not only are you going greener, but you are saving energy, raw materials and waste.

So this year the Berlin Interact Club encourages you to put your bottles and cans into the blue recycling bins spread out around the Berlin Lions Fairgrounds. The money Interact receives from bottle redemption goes towards organizations that Interact Club partners with, like the local Salvation Army.

Therefore, at the Berlin Fair this year, we encourage you to recycle. Not only will you make an impact on our club and our town but the world’s environment as well.

Gabriella Pattavina Berlin Interact Club

Tax proposal

To the editor:

Why doesn’t the town of Berlin give tax breaks to companies that want to come to town, with stipulations that they must stay long enough or pay back the tax breaks? That way we could increase the tax base without increasing personal taxes and losing more citizens!

Jay Ritter Berlin

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