Governor issues proclamation marking Record-Journal’s 150th anniversary

Governor issues proclamation marking Record-Journal’s 150th anniversary


Gov. Dannel Malloy proclaimed March 21, 2017 as Record-Journal Day in recognition of the Record-Journal 150th anniversary.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proclaimed that Tuesday is “Record-Journal Day” in Connecticut, honoring the company’s 150th anniversary.

The newspaper published its first edition on March 21, 1867. It began as the Weekly Visitor.

Malloy highlighted some of the recent accomplishments by the RJ Media Group, the newspaper’s parent company, but also said the proclamation is intended to recognize the importance of journalism.

“(W)hen the relevance of a free press is being challenged by some, the state of Connecticut celebrates and honors the fundamental role that journalism provides for everyone who lives in a free and democratic society,” Malloy said in his decree.

The governor’s proclamation notes several important moments in the newspaper’s history. He said the paper, which began only two years after the end of the Civil War, has “provided innumerous accounts of historic events of our state and our nation in order to provide the news of the day to the people who live” in the paper’s coverage area.

Malloy also referenced recent RJ Media accomplishments, notably its distinction as one of the “10 Newspapers That Do it Right” by Editor & Publisher in March 2016, as well as continuing to grow upon its all-time high in readership.

He concluded that the newspaper’s “ongoing spirit and history remains an integral part of our state’s fiber.”


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