Verizon reorganization cuts 135 jobs in Meriden

Verizon reorganization cuts 135 jobs in Meriden


MERIDEN — A reorganization of the Verizon Wireless offices on Research Parkway has resulted in the elimination of 135 jobs, according to a company spokesman.

The Verizon call center at 599 Research Parkway has been under the process of “reorganizing,” according to Verizon Wireless spokesman Michael Murphy. In total, 135 employees were impacted by the reduction in jobs, though Murphy said they “have had the ability to apply for other positions within the company” in Connecticut and elsewhere.

“Employees still have time to state their intentions, but so far we’ve received confirmation that a large majority have chosen to remain with the company and accepted jobs with very similar customer service roles – in many cases remaining at their exact same desks in Meriden” Murphy said in a statement, Tuesday.

Verizon Wireless notified city officials in June of the downsizing, said Economic Development Associate Aya Beckles Swanson. From there, the state Department of Labor and the Workforce Alliance were notified, in order to help retrain employees or potentially find them jobs elsewhere.

“We were pleased to learn after those conversations with Verizon that some staff members were able to find positions within the company and within Meriden,” Beckles Swanson said. “It’s never a good thing when closings or something like that happens and it’s a good think to keep those jobs within Meriden.”

The city and Department of Labor had originally been notified that 160 staff members would lose their positions, including 119 call center representatives, 25 managers, an administrative assistant, and 15 other professionals. Those reductions were scheduled to happen by the end of this week.

In the last few months, Murphy said the company has been working to improve its Meriden facility.

“We have been reorganizing the Verizon Wireless office in Meriden to mirror our award-winning customer service operations in Wallingford,” he said.

It was not clear how many positions would remain at the Meriden call center, but in 2010, close to 300 people were staffed in the Research Parkway facility. In the beginning of 2010, two teams of marketing and administration positions were eliminated at the facility. It was believed fewer than 50 positions were lost, though 50 jobs were added to the Wallingford call center.

In May 2009, the company completed a $4 million renovation to its Meriden and Wallingford facilities. 203-317-2266 Twitter: @DanBrechlinRJ

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