Meriden Poet: T. Gostyla

Meriden Poet: T. Gostyla


Life, love, tears, rainbows a series of a new horizon

leads in a direction beyond control!!

Don’t run away from LOVE but towards it....

Lovers have own inner strength!

LOVE will be strong to withstand times!

LOVE impasse bonds....LOVE is a time for lovers....

Lovers trusting in the light-the darkness!

Biggest part of armourers ‘thinking’ about each other;

Putting ‘love-hate’ in hearts!

Lovers bring the deepest ‘cries’ of hearts!

‘Yielding love’ is pure, peaceful, gentle willing to ‘yield’

to the brightness of ‘dimmed’ love....

Lovers give indescribable gifts of love with one look,

the gratitude of a thankful ‘LOVE’!

Caterpillars climb trees-spin a silky robe,

sleeps a few weeks become a beautiful multicolored ‘PICASSO’

winging to the next foliage.

With all my potent powers, all my thoughts, doings,

all my days, all my hours

are hooked on the memory of you!

T. Gostyla, Meriden


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