Cheshire High School saw good voter turnout in the morning

Local polling sites opened at 6 a.m. and are seeing a good turnout, for municipal elections, that is.

At Cheshire High School voters were greeted by a barrage of signs for various candidates. As of 930 a.m. about 360 people had registered their votes out of about 4,595 eligible voters, moderator Jane Leukart said. At 6 a.m. Leukart said there was a line of people waiting but most people are in and out in five minutes. It has been a very good turnout for a local election, Leukart said.

Noel Fletcher was at the high school to cast her vote with her two daughter, Anabel, 9-years-old, and Molly, 7-years-old. Fletcher said she came out just to get her vote in.

Rich Barone of Cheshire said he came out to make sure he got his opinion heard, and to answer the referendum question about the pool. Barone said he thinks the pool should be finished and he hopes this is the “last time it needs a vote.”

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