Archimedes screw arrives in Meriden to be installed in Hanover Dam Tuesday

Archimedes screw arrives in Meriden to be installed in Hanover Dam Tuesday


MERIDEN — The 20-ton, 35-foot-long metal screw that will transform Hanover Dam into a hydroelectric generator arrived on a massive tractor trailer bed on Monday afternoon.
The Archimedes screw, named for the ancient Greek scientist credited with its invention, will be the first of its kind installed in the U.S. when it’s hoisted via crane and placed inside Hanover Dam Tuesday morning.
“I know everybody is really excited,” New England Hydropower Co. spokesman Chris Conover said.
The screw will generate about 900,000 kilowatts of electricity annually and is expected to save the city $20,000 a year when it starts producing power. Electricity is generated when water at the top of the dam is sent through the screw, causing it to spin.
The screw has been in storage in New London since late October. While originally slated for installation Monday, Conover said the tractor trailer supposed to transport the screw to Meriden had engine failure and another truck had to be located. The screw was unable to be loaded onto the new truck in time to get it to Meriden before sundown, thus delaying installation until Tuesday.
“It’s a minor thing,” Conover said. “This is major construction... the fact that we have been able to be as accurate as we have is pretty remarkable.”
Meriden IT Director Steve Montemurro said the one-day delay was just a small bump in an otherwise smoothly executed project.
“I think our contractors have been wonderful and New England Hydropower has been wonderful,” Montemurro said. “I think people are pretty interested in seeing this project move forward and they are pretty excited to see a piece of technology that will be the first in the United States.”
The truck carrying the screw was still winding its way through narrow South Meriden streets as of 5:40 p.m. Monday as the driver struggled to find a route that could accommodate its oversized load.
Installation is scheduled for 8 a.m. and will take approximately 20 minutes, Conover said.
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