‘You should not go too fast in life’

‘You should not go too fast in life’


PLAINVILLE — From life lessons like making the bed every morning, to understanding the definition of “happy,” Plainville High School graduates took away advice for the future as they collected their diplomas this week.

“A whole new exciting world has just been opened up for us,” Brandon Mello, valedictorian for the class of 2017, said during Thursday’s ceremony.

Mello was among several speakers who encouraged graduates to enjoy the future. He also urged his classmates to do what makes them happy.

“Regardless of how you define it, it is important for all of you to find this for yourself,” he said.

Before the blue and white clad graduates stepped into the future however, they took a walk down memory lane with a class history about the last four years. Memories like winning the class competition, news events from each year, athletic events and plenty of school spirit were all shared by Jackson Anderson, Jessica Gorski, David Mouangvienkham and Isabella Pugliese.

The class history included a shift in administration during the graduates’ junior year. Thursday was Roberto Medic’s first graduation as Plainville High School’s principal.

“My advice to you is to make your bed every morning,” he said. “If you come home after a bad day and you come home to a bed that is made at night, a bed that you made, ­a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be a better day.”

He said the idea is to not have “two bad days in a row.”

While Medic encouraged the class of 2017 to embrace a new life outside of high school, he gave a unique acknowledgment to the first graduating class of 1928. Sebastian Arcari was one of 27 graduates at that time and went on to have a son and granddaughter graduate Plainville High School.

On Thursday, Arcari’s great-granddaughter Kiya Broughton graduated as well.

“Helping us to keep the past alive,” Medic said of the evening.

Salutatorian Jared Demmons took his classmates on another trip back in time. He spoke of his time at Linden Elementary School where a special song “I Was Running in the Hall” taught a life lesson.

“You should not go too fast in life,” he said. “You should go slow and enjoy your time.”

Between tears, hugs, applause and pictures, Plainville graduates flipped their tassels and threw their caps in the air.

“Whatever it may be, if it makes you happy, do it. You’ve earned it,” Mello said. “Go and be happy the class of 2017.”

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