Plainville graduates ‘survive’ all-night party

Plainville graduates ‘survive’ all-night party


PLAINVILLE — After they collected their diplomas Thursday night, the class of 2017 got to enjoy a “Survivor” reality show themed graduation party at the YMCA in Plainville.

The all-night party theme was a surprise until that night.

“The kids really enjoy themselves and they look forward to it,” said Inna Masco, committee chair.

She said it was a twist on previous themes like the cruise ship one last year.

Every year, volunteers raise funds for an all-night graduation party filled with games, raffles, food and entertainment for the new graduates. Throughout the year a clothing drive, comedy show, Mr. PHS event, and other donations assisted in making the anticipated graduation party possible.

It was Roberto Medic’s first graduation as principal and he even stopped by the party later to pose by a “Survivor” sign that listed the Survivors as Plainville administration members.

An obstacle course and other challenges were set up around the building. Tiki huts and games added to the theme.

The party was a drug-free and alcohol-free event.

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