Plainville High School adds new art course in line with “career ready” goals

Plainville High School adds new art course in line with “career ready” goals


Plainville BOE approved a new art course at the high school, Monday, Jan. 10. | Ashley Kus, The Plainville Citizen

PLAINVILLE — Aspiring designers, advertisers and artists will get a chance next fall to get a jump on their college and career goals with a new high school course.

The Board of Education recently agreed to add “Illustration Concepts” to the schedule for incoming juniors and seniors.

“On career day, we’ve always had a lot of requests from students for graphic design people to come in,” said Superintendent Maureen Brummett.

The course was proposed by high school art teacher Mario Pires at a recent Board of Education meeting.

“It combines traditional and new technology designs,” he said.

He presented the impact of design to the board through colorful advertisements for cereal and cars.

“They need to know how to be creative and be a problem solver,” Pires said.

The course will be a half year class with the option to take the second half second semester. Only juniors and seniors will have access to the course after completing prerequisites like AP Art and Studio Art.

Pires has already been testing strategies from the course in his other art classes. He said the interest for an illustration class was significant.

“It gives them better preparation for a career after high school,” he said.

Brummett said the course lines up with the school’s career and college ready goals for students.

“It’s beyond just getting enough credits to graduate,” she said, “Over the past five years we’ve been assuring that students are ready for college or a career.”

The advanced art course will guide students toward college art classes which deal with more modern practices. Pires said the field was switching to more high tech means of creating art such as tablets.

He requested the new course provide tablets to students to draw designs.

“It’s the same tablet that Nike and Under Armor are using to design their sneakers in real time,” said Roberto Medic, Plainville High School principal.

He said the school already has a majority of the software needed for the course and that types of tablets would be considered by the district.

Pires is currently having students test out their own tablets and apps.

“If you want to work for Pixar or something like that, you have to shine,” Pires said. “I think it could help put them at the head of the class.”

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