Plainville High School simplifying class schedule next year

Plainville High School simplifying class schedule next year


PLAINVILLE — School officials say changes to class schedules at Plainville High School will allow students more flexibility and reduce scheduling conflicts.

“The current schedule at PHS, we feel, is effective and works well, but we always feel like there are some tweaks that we can make,” said Assistant Principal Carl Johnson.

The Board of Education approved a new four-day rotation schedule to replace the current eight-day rotation at the high school.

School Superintendent Maureen Brummett said she had asked Principal Roberto Medic to look at improvements.

The current class schedule “is rather complicated and presents some challenges with teachers having time to plan together, share staff between schools and to provide extra assistance to students,” she said.

The committee that recommended the changes was made up of 15 faculty members. The group received feedback from other faculty, students and parents.

“We really tried to get everyone to see the school and how the school functions as a whole,” said Assistant Principal Jonathan Coe.

Next year’s schedule has better defined morning and afternoon rotations and permits students to focus on fewer subjects per day. Every letter day — A, B, C and D — will have two classes dropped. For example, an “A” day will drop periods 4 and 8, which will be picked up again on the “B” day.

Coe feels the new schedule will allow easier scheduling for Advanced Placement classes and electives.

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