Berlin appoints new police chief on Saturday

Berlin appoints new police chief on Saturday


Deputy Police Chief John Klett. | File photo

BERLIN — The Police Commission voted unanimously to appoint current Deputy Police Chief John Klett to police chief, and named Lt. Chris Ciuci as deputy police chief during a Saturday morning meeting that also addressed a probe into Klett’s behavior.

The vote followed a report on an independent investigation into Klett, who was accused of making inappropriate comments to staff over the course of his career.

Other police department leaders were mentioned in an anonymous letter and a formal complaint.

A police lieutenant also criticized Klett.

Klett admitted some of the comments were inappropriate and said after the meeting“if you took everything I said over 30 years, some of it might be considered inappropriate. It’s locker room talk.”

Klett apologized for his comments. An attorney from Shipman and Goodwin that investigated the complaint against Klett and other members of the top brass, found that Klett had not sexually harassed anyone or created a hostile work environment.

He said the town attorney reviewed the findings and found nothing actionable.

Commission Chairman Robert Peters said the entire department will receive sensitivity training, but stated it didn’t deserve the criticism heaped on it in recent weeks.

“They will work together,” Peters said about the leadership and the police union. “We want a cooperative force. We want the best department we can get.”

Klett and Ciuci will be sworn in at the next Police Commission meeting in October. Police Chief Paul Fitzgerald is retiring next month.

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