Trash ruining views at Crescent Lake

Trash ruining views at Crescent Lake


SOUTHINGTON — Crescent Lake is an established park that offers fishing, canoeing and multiple hiking trails. The natural beauty of the 223-acre property and 56-acre lake draws many residents to the area, especially for views of fall foliage. Some residents, however, are concerned about trash ruining the view.

Resident Norman Erickson said he took his grandson to go fishing last week and was stunned with the amount of trash he saw.

“It’s such a beautiful place,” Erickson said, “but it just looked really bad. I found a lot of trash on the pathway you walk to go jogging on, there were a lot of glass bottles.”

Erickson said when he was younger he was a boy scout and was always told “what you bring in, you carry out.”

When he was there with his grandson he said he cleaned up a portion of the pathway in bad shape and hasn’t been back since.

“I talked to a lot of people who were fishing and they thought it was bad too. It used to be a clean reservoir,” he said, “not anymore.”

A sign above trash barrels near the entrance asks visitors to throw away their trash.

Park commissioner Joseph LaPorte said all the parks in town go through routine maintenance, where town employees cut and trim the grass, as well as pick up trash left behind.

“It’s a shame that people don’t respect it,” LaPorte said. “But I go up there myself and I can honestly say I never saw any kind of problem, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Southington resident Collin Uryase spent part of Wednesday fishing at the lake. He visits the area frequently to fish.

“I didn’t really notice a difference this year, but you do see empty beer cans from time to time,” Uryase said.

Uryase said the small amount of trash is nothing that would stop him from attending the park.

Robert Berkmoes, Open Space and Land Acquisition Committee Chairman, said as a recreational park, trash cans are located outside the entrance of trails. He said it would be difficult to place more inside the hiking trails. 203-317-2275 Twitter: @ssavanimal

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