Southington powder puff ready to take on Cheshire, New Britain

Southington powder puff ready to take on Cheshire, New Britain


Lily Herman takes a snap from Jess Bocek during Southingtons powder puff practice at Southington High School November,9 2013 | Justin Weekes / For the Record-Journal

SOUTHINGTON — For many high school girls the annual powder puff games are the highlights of their senior year, giving them a chance to play the best they can against Cheshire and New Britain high schools.

“I saw seniors last year have a lot of fun with it,” said senior Lily Herman. “Also, it’s not really a girly sport, so when given the opportunity to play football I really wanted to jump at it because I’ve always played sports, but it’s the opportunity to learn something new and have fun.”

The team consists of 63 senior players, Head Coach Charles Kemp, Kim Palmer, the general manger, and nine assistant coaches.

Kemp has coached the team for the past 12 years. Because it’s difficult to get field time during the week while other teams are practicing, it can be a challenge to get all the girls to weekend practices, he said.

“When they show up, they work hard and we’re hopeful that they will be successful,” Kemp said.

Senior player Rachel Dube said the team is excited.

“I mean, why not go out with a bang?” Dube said. “It’s a great group of girls and everyone is athletic and wants to work hard.”

Kemp said the team is looking forward to the rivalry between Southington and Cheshire, where nearly every game has been close. Last year Southington beat Cheshire. This year’s game is on Nov. 26 at 6:30 p.m. at Fontana Field.

“Cheshire is a rivalry and the kids look forward to the game every year, as do the coaches,” Kemp said. “We’ve been lucky enough to be successful right at the end of the last two games and we hope that luck continues.”

Last year Dube watched the game against Cheshire. She hopes this year’s team can pull off another win.

“We want to win, but whatever happens, happens. We’re family and we’re a team,” Dube said.

As the girls continue to practice, Herman said she’s noticed everyone bonding and many players becoming friends.

“We practice our plays a lot and are feeling really confident,” Herman said.

“We just want to play the best we can and have fun while doing it.”

Number Name

31 Samantha Aberizk

13 Ana Aquino

54 GabrielleBaker

55 Kaycee Belanger

53 Joy Blanchet

60 Jessica Bocek

84 Emily Bonomi

5 Savahna Brady

3 Alba Bregu

62 Kristen Butler

64 Allison Carangelo

33 Antonia Cavallo

48 Lisa Cianciolo

8 Katherine Cichon

11 Courtney Clavette

66 Olivia Corriveau

2 Marissa Cusano

1 Laura Day

95 Brooke DeGumbia

17 Gisella DelBuono

68 Sarah DiBenedetto

25 Rachel Dube

30 Lauren Durand

94 Samantha Ferla

61 Elizabeth George

56 Rylee Gothberg

52 Hannah Guilmette

15 Abigael Guthrie

14 Lilian Herman

90 Tia Jones

45 Emilee Kemnitz

36 Samantha Kowalczyk

92 Emilie Labouliere

26 Erika Landino

50 Nicole Lavoie

22 Stephanie Lutz

80 Megan Martin

6 Megan Medeiros

41 Carissa Mirando

10 Sarah Mongillo

63 Alexa Mosley

57 Mikayla Mueller

21 Kayla Nati

9 Natalie Nyerick

18 Kaileen Pfeiffer

44 Megan Power

12 Gabriela Pulaski

82 Sierrah Purvis

32 Elizabeth Ragozzino

20 Annalisa Sega

65 Jaime Simard

29 Laura Smedberg

19 Elizabeth Stearns

46 Valerie Szmurlo

23 Isabelle Tedeschi

Number Name

24 Silvana Tellerico

28 Emily Van Kirk

7 Brittanie Vontell

4 Annie Walsh

27 Imani Walton

16 Amber White

58 Anna Wyluda

51 Carolyn Zesut

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