Southington helps promote employment opportunities for veterans

Southington helps promote employment opportunities for veterans


SOUTHINGTON — Veterans are offered an opportunity to sign up for job opportunities in the area through the state American Legion. A spike in email signups came from Southington veterans after the link for the service was posted on the front page of the town’s website.

“I had a rash of inquiries from Southington,” said Everett Shepard, the department adjutant for the state American Legion.

Town Clerk Kathy Larkin said members of the town’s American Legion Post 72 contacted her about posting information about signing up for weekly emails on the town’s website as a way to spread the word about the program to area veterans.

Veteran representatives from the state Department of Labor help forward the job postings to the state American Legion, Shepard said, and from there he forwards them to the list of veterans that signed up for the weekly emails.

Job listings include everything from “labor jobs to construction jobs to high education white collar type jobs,” and even state jobs end up on the list, Shepard explained. Announcements are also forwarded about state exams if people are interested in a state job.

Each town is required to have a veteran’s committee, said Steve Pintarich a member of the American Legion Post 72. Having the weekly email makes it “much easier to get a job,” he said.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Pintarich. “Our state headquarters sends out emails with job announcements all the time. We’re in the process hopefully in the next three weeks we will have our own website. That’s one of the things we will post on our website.”

By posting the listing on the town’s main page, it creates another opportunity for veterans.

Through the years Shepard has noticed a lot of veterans looking for jobs and using the weekly emails.

“It’s just more a feel but based on the increase and number of people that ask me to forward me list and my emails that I receive to them would indicate there are people either looking to change or get employed, one or the other,” Shepard said. “The rumor is there are a ton of veterans out there that are unemployed looking for work.” (203) 317-2212 Twitter: @FollowingFarrah

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