Scooter stolen from Southington state legislator

Scooter stolen from Southington state legislator


Photo of identical scooter stolen from David Zoni (Photo courtesy of David Zoni's Facebook page)

SOUTHINGTON — State Rep. David Zoni reported a scooter stolen from his home early Monday.

Zoni said when he woke up, he discovered his Motorino Amor, which he bought three months ago, was not in his driveway.

He lives in the last unit of a condominium complex, far off of the road.

“It’s not likely someone drove by, it would had to have been someone who saw it inside or followed me,” Zoni said.

Police said the theft took place sometime between midnight and 5 a.m. and are investigating.

Zoni has also posted information on his personal Facebook page and the Southington online community forum.

Zoni started riding scooters during his first campaign as a way to go door to door to meet as many residents as possible in an economical way. He searched for months on Craigslist before finding the scooter, which had only 300 miles on it. Zoni said when it was stolen it had about 1,000 miles.

“Hopefully someone spots it,” Zoni said. “I just hope it turns up somewhere and is not too damaged.”

The scooter is a very distinct, orange model and is modeled to look like an Italian scooter, he said.

Zoni, who represents the 81st Assembly District, said the scooter has a larger engine and required a title, registration, insurance and licensing. It also has a vehicle identification number.

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