Bald tires, snow ruled causes of crash that killed Southington man in January

Bald tires, snow ruled causes of crash that killed Southington man in January


BRISTOL — Under-inflated, excessively worn tires and snow-covered roads contributed to a fatal accident on Laning Street in January, according to details released Monday in an arrest warrant.

Alyssa Marin, 25, of 35 Evergreen Ave. in Hartford was arrested April 28 and charged with negligent homicide with a motor vehicle, operating with unsafe tires, and failing to drive on the right side of the road.

On Jan. 3 at about 2 p.m. police and fire crews responded to a serious accident on Laning Street near Doral Lane, according to the arrest warrant. Cindy Costello was driving on Laning Street, but her vehicle became stuck on the snow and ice.

Costello’s son dropped off her husband, Garrett Costello, at the top of the Laning Street hill. He walked down to his wife’s vehicle to help, the warrant continued. A silver Honda heading down the hill began sliding, according to a witness, Joshua-Caleb Lemire, the warrant stated.

The Honda, driven by Marin, according to the warrant, struck Garrett Costello, who went over the hood and roof. Lemire, who was driving in the area, stopped his car and told a passenger to call 911. Lemire told police he felt a slight impact on the rear of his car, as well, which turned out to be Marin’s car rear-ending his, the warrant stated.

Lemire told police he was driving between 10 and 15 mph, and believed Marin was driving faster than that. Marin told police she was driving about 12 mph.

Marin said as she came down the hill on Laning Street her car began to lose control despite applying the brakes hard, the warrant said.

When police arrived on scene, they saw fire crews giving emergency medical care to Garrett Costello, who was in the road, and Cindy Costello, who was on the side of the road.

Both Costellos were taken to Hartford Hospital, where Garrett Costello was pronounced dead, the warrant said. Cindy Costello had seven broken ribs, a fractured lumbar vertebra, and a fracture of the left leg tibia/fibula, the warrant said. She was released after four days in the hospital and transferred to a rehabilitation center to regain strength in her left side, the warrant said.

Police seized Marin’s car and it was inspected by a Department of Motor Vehicle inspector.

Marin’s car had tires from three different tire manufacturers, the warrant said. The two front tires had tread wear of 1/32.

For a tire to be considered in safe operating condition, the state requires no less than 2/32, the warrant said. Also, three of the tires were inflated between 21 and 24 pounds per square inch, though the recommended PSI for Marin’s car is 32 pounds per square inch, the warrant said.

Police concluded that Marin lost control of her car due to the “snowy conditions and unsafe tires her vehicle was equipped with.”

Marin was released at the time of her arrest on $5,000 bond.

She was due in Bristol Superior Court on Monday for an arraignment hearing. Senior State Attorney Ronald Deerstyne said Marin’s attorney requested a continuance until June 23.

Attorney Michael Riley, who is representing Marin, declined to comment on the case on Monday.

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