Promotions, retirements shake up Southington’s police department

Promotions, retirements shake up Southington’s police department


SOUTHINGTON — Seven promotions and five retirements have brought an unprecedented period of change at the Southington Police Department.

“We have never had the ability to replace seven key supervisors,” said Deputy Chief William Palmieri at a pinning ceremony for promoted officers at police headquarters Thursday. “From an organizational perspective, this is a very, very big deal to us.”

At the pinning ceremony, each of the seven officers stood on the stage area with family and received their badge.

A photo was snapped, spouses were kissed and kids were hugged.

The five retiring officers have 125 years of collective experience, Palmieri said.

That’s a big hole to fill, but Chief John Daly said it will be both an exciting and challenging time for the department.

In his 34 years on the job, he’s never seen so many promotions at once, Daly said.

The promoted officers have street experience and now must learn how to be supervisors, he said.

“As challenging as it will be, I think it’s more exciting because they all have the drive,” Daly said, as the officers’ family members shared a sheet cake and congratulated their spouses, fathers and friends.

The department has four vacancies right now, and if a few more retire in the next few months, “that’s almost 10 percent of my department,” Daly said.

For the time being, officers are covering the work through overtime.

The department wants to fill the vacancies with officers already trained and certified.

Between the hiring process, police academy and field training, it can take a year to get a new officer “on the road,” Daly said.

An experienced officer needs only a few weeks of training.

“It’s cost effective and very much time-effective,” he said. 203-317-2212 Twitter: @LCTakores

Police department changes

On Thursday, seven officers received promotions at a pinning ceremony:

Lt. Keith Egan, Master Sgt. Jason Plourde, Sgts. Nathan Boislard, Steve Cifone, Donald Mackenzie, Stephen Salerno, Timothy Wilk

The department’s recent retirees include:

Lt. Michael Baribault, Master Sgt. Frank Bavaro, Sgt. Ben Doerfler, Sgt. William Perry, Officer Tom Gallo

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