Art Bra runway show in Southington raises money for cancer survivors

Art Bra runway show in Southington raises money for cancer survivors


SOUTHINGTON — Models walked the stage and showed off decorative bras to raise money for cancer survivors during the annual After the Storm Inc. Art Bra Runway Show and Auction at the Aqua Turf.
The event, held Thursday night, is hosted annually by After the Storm Inc., a non-profit founded in 2009 by Christine Willett.

At age 30, Willett was diagnosed with state IIB breast cancer, and went through several treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation and a clinical trial. Willett eventually turned to intergrative medicine, and found it helpful with side effects. She founded After the Storm Inc. with friends and family to help other surivovors after their cancer diagnosis, and to benefit integrative medicine programs “that help cancer patients heal their mind, body and spirit.”

Were you SPOTTED? At the After the Storm Art Bra fundraiser?
The not for profit organization helps patients in need with medical care not covered by insurance,” Willett said Thursday night. “There was a need then and more so now with non-conventional medical care.”

Besides the Art Bra show, the organization holds several fundraising events throughout the year. Since its inception, After the Storm Inc. has raised $237,000. About $45,000 will be distributed this year to several hospitals that assist survivors with integratie medicine costs, such as MidState Medical Center, The Center for Survivorship and Integrative Medicine at Middlesex Cancer Center and Griffin Hospital.

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