RJ reporter finds healthy after-school snack sure to please

RJ reporter finds healthy after-school snack sure to please


With school back in session, parents might not want children reaching for the chips or other junk food. With this in mind, I went hunting on Pinterest for a healthy and quick snack.

I came up with a version of “fruit pizza.” The ingredients cost under $15 and there was enough for several batches.

You will need: One package of multi-grain crackers, eight ounces of cream cheese (I found the whipped one worked easiest), honey, and fruit. I got kiwi’s, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. In season they are not expensive, but may cost more in the fall and winter.

To make: Cut up all the fruit. I cut the blueberries in half so they would sit better and not roll off the cracker. Mix the cream cheese with the honey. The official recipe says three tablespoons of honey for every four ounces of cream cheese, but go by taste and consistency. I eyeballed it, adding a little, then more until I got a nice spreading texture. Top the cracker with the cream cheese mixture and arrange fruit on top.

This is the part where the kids may want to help. If you are busy, you can pre-make the cream cheese mixture and leave the crackers and fruit ready for the kids to assemble when they get home. This is also a recipe that can be altered to allow for any allergies or fruit preferences of the child.

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