Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Special moment at flower sale

To the editor:

On behalf of the officers and members of the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company, I wish to thank all who came out and supported our annual Easter Flower sale. Thanks to you, we sold all of the flowers that were ordered.

But what really compels me to write this letter is what occurred at the sale itself. On late Saturday afternoon, we sold the last few flowers to a local businessman. As he was about to leave, an elderly gentleman arrived to buy some flowers. We informed him that the last flowers were just purchased and we had no more. The gentleman said that he was sorry that he was so late in coming and was looking for something for his wife’s grave site.

Without a second going by, the person who had just purchased the last arrangement immediately turned to the elderly gentleman and said, “Please take these for your wife.”

The elderly gentleman was stunned by this person’s action and could barely get the words out to thank the man for giving him the flowers. As he offered to pay the man, the good-hearted person just said there would be no cost, as this was where the arrangement should be.

All present, including myself, were speechless having witnessed this act of kindness and respect.

The person who gave the arrangement away is well-known to many, including members of the fire company. He would not want any sort of recognition for this, nor would he accept a refund of the cost of the arrangement. He just smiled in his usual way and waved to all a “Happy Easter.”

So, to reword a familiar phrase that this businessman says: “You made us all feel something.” In our world that is often focused on the negative, you showed us all a positive moment that will not be forgotten.

Hats off to you. And thank you

Peter Tyc

Chief, Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company

Generous community resource

To the editor:

Two years ago, I was honored to receive a grant from the Coginchaug Valley Education Foundation to purchase some bicycle repair tools and supplies for our bike club at Coginchaug Regional High School. Learning to repair and maintain a bicycle is a useful skill for young people. It promotes creativity and problem-solving and promotes the kinds of STEM skills very much in demand in today’s aggressively-changing job market.

The deadline for 2017 grants is May 1 and I would enthusiastically encourage local residents, teachers, community organizations or civic groups to apply. The CVEF is a generous community resource which has a nearly 10-year record of promoting excellence, innovation, creativity, and lifelong learning in Durham and Middlefield.

The grant application and more information can be found at the CVEF website (http://www.coginchaugvef.org). A donation link can also be found on the website. A contribution to the CVEF is a wonderful way to make a direct impact on the local community.

William Kurtz

RSD 13 teacher

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