Street names attest to Beaumont family’s strong Wallingford ties

Street names attest to Beaumont family’s strong Wallingford ties


WALLINGFORD — It’s no surprise that Beaumont Road and Beaumont Avenue are named after the Beaumont family, who have been living in town since the 1780s. It’s likely Beaumont Road and Beaumont Avenue are named after Harvey Beaumont and Elijah Beaumont, respectively, according to Town Historian Bob Beaumont.

In some instances, a street is named after a person who had a significant impact on the community. Other times, streets were named after an individual who owned property there, according to Bob Beaumont. The first Beaumont to arrive in Wallingford was Deodate Beaumont, who was Bob Beaumont’s great-great-grandfather and moved from East Hartford in September 1780. He purchased a house on the southeast corner of North Main Street and Christian Street, diagonally opposite of Moses Y. Beach School.

While sitting at a table in the Wallingford Historical Society on a recent afternoon, Bob Beaumont held a large brown book — its yellow pages crinkled with age.

“It’s about 400 pages,” Bob Beaumont said of the book. “It was Deodate’s ledger, which he used for his business.”

Deodate Beaumont was a saddle maker in town. As Bob Beaumont flipped through the book, numerous names filled each of the yellowing pages — detailing all of his business from 1780 to 1830.

His youngest son from his second marriage, Elijah Beaumont, is likely the person behind the naming of Beaumont Avenue, Bob Beaumont said. Elijah Beaumont was not only a farmer, but also a school visitor. School visitors, Bob Beaumont said, were individuals who went to the schools and filed reports after sitting in on classes. In addition to this, Elijah Beaumont ran a lending library out of his home.

Beaumont Road is named after Harvey Beaumont, who is Bob Beaumont’s great uncle and fought in the Civil War. During the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia, the company Harvey Beaumont was fighting with was surrounded. He was captured and became a prisoner of war for two weeks in Richmond, Va., Bob Beaumont said. He was eventually freed with the understanding that he and the other captured soldiers wouldn’t fight again.

“But of course they just went out and fought again,” Bob Beaumont said.

For three years, Harvey Beaumont fought in the Civil War. Upon his return, he owned land where the Community Pool is today.

In addition to Beaumont Road and Beaumont Avenue, another iconic place in Wallingford is Beaumont Farm on East Center Street. The farm is owned by Bill Beaumont, who is Bob Beaumont’s second cousin once removed. The farm has been in the family since the late 1800s, and Bill Beaumont became the owner in 1989. For over a century, the family has been growing vegetables on the now 29-acre farm, Bill Beaumont said. He hopes to keep the farm in the family as long as possible. (203) 317-2235 Twitter: @EricVoRJ

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