Wallingford gym stresses goals, positive atmosphere

Wallingford gym stresses goals, positive atmosphere


Erika Hurst, owner of Hurst Strengh, spots a client, Catherine Carr, as she uses the bench press while training Wednesday evening. | (Andrew Ragali/Record-Journal Staff).

WALLINGFORD — At Hurst Strength, a gym recently opened by Erika Hurst, there is only one requirement.

“Everyone is welcome as long as you’re willing to work hard,” she said.

Hurst Strength, 168 North Plains Road, Suite #46, opened two months ago. The facility focuses on the essentials. It has free weights and squat racks, equipment found at most gyms. But massive tires and training sleds add a different dimension. Hurst said she keeps the atmosphere positive and steers away from exercise clichés that she was victim of in the past.

“I was one of those women on the treadmill for hours, focusing on bad diets,” Hurst said. “Then I got hooked on weights.”

Hurst works one-on-one with clients, providing goals instead of measuring results by stepping on the scale.

“We focus on getting strong,” she said. “After that, everything will fall into place.”

Hurst worked a several gyms prior to starting her own business. She received degrees in exercise science and human performance from Central Connecticut State University.

When a client first joins, Hurst talks to them about their goals and performs a physical assessment. Hurst concentrates on posture, alignment and proper form. Many injuries can be prevented by using proper form, she said.

Catherine Carr, a client, said she was seeing a chiropractor about back issues, and joined the gym because she was looking for strength training.

“Erika has really motivated me big time,” Carr said. “She has showed me how to use my body to my advantage.”

Carr said prior to joining Hurst Strength, she didn’t lift weights.

“I’m a machine on the bench press,” she said. “It’s probably my favorite exercise.”

“The music is great and the environment is fun to work out in,” said Jay Morgan, another client.

“Erika has done wonders for me,” Mindy Linehan, another client, said while working out Wednesday. “You’re doing it the right way so you’re not hurting yourself.”

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