Resident’s new book to catalogue ‘legendary locals’ of Wallingford

Resident’s new book to catalogue ‘legendary locals’ of Wallingford


Tarn Granucci | (File Photo)

WALLINGFORD — For the next year and a half, Tarn Granucci will work to complete “Legendary Locals of Wallingford,” a history book featuring stories of individuals who had a significant impact on the town.

Granucci, a town resident, will begin working on the text in October. “Legendary Locals of Wallingford” will be published by Arcadia Publishing, a company based out of Mount Pleasant, S.C., that publishes local history books. The work will feature “stories of people, families, celebrities and the founders of the community,” as well as interesting, unusual people, Granucci said.

Granucci said he became involved with the project after the company originally contacted Town Councilor Jason Zandri. Zandi manages a number of blogs, one of which occasionally features a history of the town. However, because of other commitments, Granucci said Zandri didn’t have the time to do it and he decided he had the time to invest in the project.

Before the company agreed to let Granucci work on the book, he said there was a “process of getting qualified.”

“I had to send samples of my writing and sort of talk about my connections in the community and the things I’ve done,” Granucci said. “It was about a four to six month process of giving them ideas of what I’d do and people I would contact, and hearing back from them about their ideas.”

Jerry Farrell Jr., president of the historical preservation trust, said he was glad to hear that Granucci was working on another historical book of the town.

“The more information that is out there of Wallingford history, the better,” Farrell said. “He’s certainly conversant with the town’s history, having lived a very good part of it.”

It’s not the first time the company reached out to the town. In 1999, Arcadia Publishing asked the Wallingford Historical Society to work on “Images of America: Wallingford,” a compilation of historic photos. Town Historian Bob Beaumont was on the committee that worked on the book and said the six to nine months spent working on it was an enjoyable experience. Beaumont added that he was excited Granucci was working on another historical book featuring the town.

“It’s a wonderful thing that people are interested in doing these things,” Beaumont said. “People have enjoyed it because they ended up having learned something.”

Granucci said he has until January 2015 to finish the book, which he is expecting to be at least 125 pages. In October, he plans to locate a number of photographs of famous residents and their descendants. So far, he has a list of 20 names of families and people, as well as 30 or 40 names of businesses in town. Every item on his list “has some historical significance,” he said.

To aid in his research, Granucci will rely on his connections to several people in the community. He explained how the Granuccis have been in Wallingford for over 100 years. Through this time, various connections to famous residents were made, such as the Wallace family, of Wallace Silversmiths, and the Ulbrich family.

Working on “Legendary Locals of Wallingford” won’t be the first time Granucci contributed something to the community of the town’s past. Earlier this year, Granucci created a silent movie featuring clips of the town during the 1930s. One memorable piece of footage featured Sonja Henie, a Norwegian Olympic figure skater and film star. Her appearance in Wallingford remains a mystery to this day, Granucci said.

For completing the book, Granucci said he will receive “a very small royalty” from Arcadia Publishing. However, it’s not monetary reasons that’s motivating him to complete “Legendary Locals of Wallingford.” Instead, the drive to work on the book stems from his love for the town, he said.

“It’s really for the pleasure of doing it and just a part of my joy in being a part of the community of Wallingford,” he said. “Money is not a motivator. The motivation is just because I love this town and just love getting involved in the historical things. The more I learn, the more intrigued I get.” (203) 317-2235 Twitter: @EricVoRJ

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