Condominium manager agrees to clean dump site

Condominium manager agrees to clean dump site


WALLINGFORD — The Towers Condominiums has agreed to clean up what Environmental and Natural Resources Planner Erin O’Hare called “an active dump site” in woods on its property, even though it denies responsibility for it.

Property Manager Art Hebert said the dumping area consists primarily of wood, cement and piles of dirt. It will be removed in the next few days, he said.

“We didn’t do it, but we can’t prove it, so we have no choice,” Hebert said.

The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission directed O’Hare to take action at its Sept. 4 meeting.

O’Hare told Hebert and other complex managers they could either remove the dump or ask developer Donald Ahearn to assume responsibility.

O’Hare said the access route to the dumping area runs through Ahearn’s property at 88 Woodhouse Ave.

Ahearn Development Corporation Finance Administrator Ronnie Marici said the company did not engage in dumping on The Towers’ property.

“We don’t do dumping,” she said.

At the Sept. 4 meeting, O’Hare recommended making Ahearn’s application to establish a three-story apartment complex at 58 and 88 Woodhouse Ave. contingent upon the company agreeing to clean up the dump on the Towers’ property.

The commission rejected the idea and subsequently instructed her to cite the condominium complex with a violation, she said, since the dump is located on its property.

The citation issue is moot now, as the complex has consented to clean up a mess.

“That’s the way it goes,” Hebert said.

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