Lyman Hall powder puff team hoping to bring home trophy

Lyman Hall powder puff team hoping to bring home trophy


WALLINGFORD — After losing to Sheehan High School by one point in last year’s Samaha Bowl, the Lyman Hall powder puff team is hoping to win this year’s trophy.

Lyman Hall will face its cross-town rivals in the 42nd annual edition of the powder puff football game next week. Last year, Sheehan won 15-14. But with a new team of girls, the Lyman Hall coaches are moving forward.

This year, 117 Lyman Hall seniors are participating, according to defensive coordinator Ron Piazza.

Even with a large roster, the “girls are still as coachable as they ever were,” said Head Coach Stephen Hoag.

“In terms of what they look like, they’re going to be competitive,” he added. “My job is to make sure they’re as confident and positive as I can.”

With 10 practices under their belt, Hoag said he and his coaching staff spent time teaching the girls the rules and the basics of the game.

“This is a group of young women, (where) 99 percent of them have never played and don’t know the game,” Hoag explained. “The rules alone are a bit of a challenge to teach, but at the same time, this is a galvanizing activity for the senior class.”

Piazza, a longtime high school softball coach, said starting with a “blank slate” is refreshing.

“They’re very receptive,” Piazza said. “They don’t have a private football coach, so they listen to you. From a coaching perspective, it’s very refreshing.”

Piazza said he enjoys seeing the camaraderie develop between the girls. Hoag agreed, adding that the Samaha Bowl provides a lifelong memory.

“From an educator’s point of view, I think the opportunity to provide a kind of seminal moment in the lives of the students is pretty special,” he said.

Lyman Hall will face-off with Sheehan on Wednesday, Nov. 27, at 1:30 p.m. at Lyman Hall High School. (203) 317-2235 Twitter: @EricVoRJ

Lyman Hall 2013 powder puff roster

Jersey Name

O2 Carly Mantie

O4 Summer Edeen

1 Sydney Mooney

1 Kaitlyn Napolitano

1 Kaitlin Stringer

2 Loren Birtha

2 Angela Gambino

3 Megan Carroll

3 Lauren Manginelli

3 Taylor Mierzejewski

3 Jennifer Padilla

4 Megan Doyle

4 Adilene Garcia

4 Heather St. Louis

5 Adiaris Flores

5 Krista Petersen

6Lolly-Elizabeth Beichner

6 Kaitlin Ruggiero

6 Jenna TRUE

7 Mackenzie Barillaro

7 Hanan Sofiane

8 Mikaela Graziani

8 Ashley Greene

9 Nanci Honyotski

9 Kelsey Witik

10 Maureen Camp

10 Gabrielle Kuba

11 Ashley Boutin

11 Nicole Delmonaco

11 Hannah Reilly

11 Diana Remache

12 Melissa Carrubba

13 Kelsey Brown

13 Lindsay DelGrego

13 Christina Fluckiger

13 Heidi Klein-Robbenhaar

14 Guadalupe Andres

14 Emily Bludnicki

14 Brandi Casper

15 Marina Chanthinith

16 Shannon Becker

16 Sarah Pascale

16 Amber Seker

17 Tiffany Chattergoon

17 Nickole Cotrona

17 Shelby Flower

17 Hannah Ogrisek

18 Lauren Lucibello

18 Leah Morasutti

18Stephanie Napierkowski

19 Katherine Brown

20 Jasmine Bryant

21 Marisol Aguirre

21 Nicole Mierzejewski

21 Julianna Umbehr

21 Renee Villarreal

22 Amanda Cote

22 Damaris Viera

23 Renee Bourassa

23 Taylor Hicks

23 Meghan Lee

23 Jessica Sanchez

24 Nina Marie Celik

24 Kaitlyn Marunda

25 Samantha Becker

25 Ashley Calandro

25 Reema Patel

26 Gabrielle Ciotto

26 Rachael Porto

27 McKenzi Holmes

27 Prarthna Patel

27 Ashley Wrinn

28 Erika Doak

28 Maria Dominguez

29 Kayla Jones

30 Jasmine Shortelle

30 Lauren Yother

31 Julia Pelletier

33 Kellie D’Eugenio

33 Bryana Ferretti

34 Leeann Cipriani

34 Annora Nerbonne

35 Alicia Pelletier

36 Paige-Johna Ciardullo

36 Allyson Hackett

37 Maximiliana Hudak

39 Gabriela Chung

40 Jane Schroeder

42 Taryn Chester

44 Amanda Doukas

44 Brooke McMahon

44 Brittany Murphy

44 Kaylee Ortiz

48Margaret-Mary Carlson

52 Aliana Martucci

56 Trinh Vuong

64 Ashley Johnsen

65 Danielle Garcia

66 Cassandra Bergen

67 Taylor Tuscano

68 Stephanie Arevalo

71 Chase Hazel

72 Kaci Cassello

72 Rachael Stone

74 Alexandra Fragola

77 Kathleen Hecklinger

77 Mikaela Perrelli

78 Megan Brewster

79 Brittney Klavins

80 Emily Harris

80 Caroline Salemi

83 Megan Macomber

88 Alexa Rubano

89 Dalmary Otero

91 Sarah Zaczek

99 Amelia Ardito

99 Amanda Pelletier

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