Cow, driver avoid serious injuries after Wallingford crash

Cow, driver avoid serious injuries after Wallingford crash


WALLINGFORD — A driver and a cow avoided serious injury after a car hit the escaped animal on Whirlwind Hill Road Friday morning. Police could not immediately provide the name of the driver, but said she was not injured and the car had only minimal damage.

According to police, a cow was reported loose in the area about 6 a.m. and was struck shortly afterward. Lt. Cheryl Bradley said there has been no enforcement action taken against the cow’s owner, though the case remains an open accident investigation.

Police determined the cow belonged to Triangle A Stables of Middletown, which keeps cows on a Whirlwind Hill Road lot. The manager of Triangle A, Margaret Serafino, said she was grateful the cow was not killed, but even more grateful no people were injured.

Serafino said she believes the cow escaped Thursday night after being “spooked” by either the rain or something else.

According to Serafino, the large animals “have a mind of their own,” and when they want to get out nothing can stop them.

“They would even go through electric fencing,” said Serafino. “People don’t understand what animals can do.”

The cow sustained only minor scrapes and cuts, Serafino said. It was inspected by a veterinarian, she said. The cow is now residing safely back in its lot and doing well, Serafino said.

“It’s Friday the 13th,” Serafino said, “but it turned out to be not so bad.”

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