Frisbee Dog Competition held at Doolittle Park

Frisbee Dog Competition held at Doolittle Park


WALLINGFORD — Ed Jakubowski stepped up to the first painted white line in the field at Doolittle Park along with his 7-year-old border collie-Australian sheppard mix, Alex.

With a Frisbee in one of his hands, Jakubowski, of Salem, signaled with the other to the judges that he was ready to go and looked at Alex, who was alert and starring at the Frisbee.

“3, 2, 1, go” shouted the announcer.

Jakubowski sent the frisbee flying through the field. Alex raced after it and barked twice before jumping mid-air, with all four paws off the ground to snag the Frisbee.

“Pick it up and go,” shouted Jakubowski from the other end of the field as Alex ran back to the starting point, ready to go at it again.

Jakubowski and Alex were competing in the 22nd annual Hyperflight Skyhoundz Frisbee Dog Competition at Doolittle Park in Wallingford Wednesday night. The event was organized by the town’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Despite the 90-degree humid weather, nearly 100 people were in the crowd cheering on the 33 dogs and their owners.

Six water pools were available for the dogs to cool off in as well as extra water, said Michelle Bjorkman, the Superintendent of Recreation for the parks department.

“The object of the event is to have the owner throw the Frisbee, once they’ve thrown the Frisbee they get 60 seconds for their dog to retrieve it,” she said.

During those 60 seconds, participants could throw the disc as many times as they were able to for points.

For scoring, a field about 50-yards long was split into zones that determined the amount of points. One zone was marked 1-1.5; another as 2-2.5; another as 3-3.5; and the farthest zone as 5-5.5.

If a dog caught the Frisbee disc with all four paws in the air, the dog was awarded the higher number. Any other catches would result in the lower number.

After the 33 participants went, the top 10 scoring dogs were picked to battle it out for the first three spots.

Jakubowski isn’t a first timer in the disc competitions. He is the president of the Yankee Flyers Dog and Disc Club and he rescues dogs and trains them to “become champions.”

Both Alex and his other dog Stella, a 3-year-old smooth coat border collie, competed Wednesday night with Jakubowski and both are qualified for the Skyhoundz World Championships in Chattanooga in September.

“I’ve been in the sport since 1978 and along the way I’ve taken in a lot of rescues,” he said. “Stella is my newest rescue.”

Jakubowski placed first with Alex and second with Stella.

Shannon Maeurer of Pawling New York won third place with her 5-year-old border collie and Staffordshire terrier mix, Banshee.

“We come here every year,” she said. “We love it.” (203) 317-2212 Twitter: @FollowingFarrah

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