New Route 15 on-ramp in Wallingford now open

New Route 15 on-ramp in Wallingford now open


WALLINGFORD — The new Hall Avenue Route 15 entrance ramp opened Friday morning.

The exit 65 northbound on-ramp opened about 10 a.m. The existing on-ramp located next to River Road has been taken out of service.

Local police will close lanes on Hall Avenue and River Road until 3 p.m. Friday to allow for the installation of new signs and line striping.

Some motorists said Friday accelerating on the new ramp was much easier than on the previous ramp.

The on-ramp, north of the Hall Avenue overpass, was been built to improve driver safety. Motorists will be able to accelerate and merge onto Route 15 north on a long ramp rather than enter the highway from a stop sign off River Road.

New traffic lights were also installed at the intersection of Hall Avenue and Masonic Avenue as part of the project. The traffic lights will alleviate backups.

"If traffic were to queue back to the Route 150 and Masonic Avenue intersection, there is a sight line concern for those trying to take a left onto Hall Avenue from Masonic Avenue," said Travis Woodward, a representative from the state Department of Transportation's construction office. "The traffic signal will allow all motorists to safely navigate this section of roadway."

The $4.3 million, 10-phase project began in April 2016. Work was 90 percent federally funded and 10 percent state-funded.

DOT project manager Matthew Vail said the new ramp will prevent accidents.

“Now you’ll have a proper acceleration lane to gain speed and match the speed of the traffic on Route 15,” Vail said. “We’ve had quite a few accidents on Route 15 northbound with that on-ramp. You have people going from stop to high speed.” 203-317-2444 Twitter: @BryanLipiner


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