Wallingford police to conduct DUI checkpoint next week

Wallingford police to conduct DUI checkpoint next week


WALLINGFORD — Police say they will conduct a DUI checkpoint on Friday, May 26, at an unspecified location.

The checkpoint is funded by a state Department of Transportation highway safety DUI enforcement grant.

“This funding supports the staffing necessary to allow Wallingford Police officers to specifically dedicate our efforts on DUI enforcement in a continual endeavor to reduce alcohol-related accidents and the resulting injuries and fatalities,” Lt. Anthony DeMaio said in a statement. “The minimally intrusive sobriety checkpoint is designed to identify and remove from the roadway those drivers who are impaired by alcohol and drugs.”

DeMaio explained that a “minimally intrusive” checkpoint means that as vehicles roll through the checkpoint area, police may stop vehicles randomly and ask drivers basic, scripted questions to assess their condition.

How often police will stop cars depends on traffic volume, DeMaio said.

“The object is to get a sample of people on the roadway,” he said Tuesday. “We’ve done two in the past on Main Street in Yalesville that were very successful.”

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