From way back when

From way back when


Here are a few more blasts from the past that the late Lynne Turdin gleaned from the reels of microfilm and tattered clippings in this newspaper’s dungeons. [Smart-alecky comments added by Yrs. Trly.]

APRIL 3, 35 Years Ago: 1979 — New Haven Trap Rock/Tomasso has been acquired by Tilling Construction Services Ltd. of London, England. … [At least now we know what Tilcon means.]

APRIL 5, 60 Years Ago: 1954 — Plans for evacuating local residents with a 15-minute time limit in the event of approaching enemy planes will be an integral part of the local civil defense program … The time figured for evacuating citizens from a city the size of Meriden is two hours at present … [Not to worry: Just close the blinds, tune your radio to ConElRad and wait for the Nike missiles in West Haven, Cromwell and Plainville to shoot the commies down.]

APRIL 11, 85 Years Ago: 1929 — Dry raiders of the state police department … this afternoon visited a farm on North Colony road in Yalesville, confiscating a 125 gallon still, approximately one gallon of “moonshine” and one barrel of mash. …

APRIL 19, 135 Years Ago: 1879 — Expressman Cahill undertook to cross the track at Main street this afternoon, while the west gate was being opened. He attempted to get in between the pole and post. The pole passed through the wheels and under the body of the wagon. The freight train from the South was within a few rods of Cahill and the spectators held their breath at his perilous position. The engineer, however, brought his train to a stand and the danger was averted. The by-standers extricated Cahill ... [And never again has there been a problem crossing the tracks there.] 85 Years Ago: 1929 — George Wilkinson, proprietor of the Wilkinson Theatre in Wallingford, announced today that he has signed a contract for the installation of Vitaphone and Movietone sets for showing the new talking pictures. [Not too much of that newfangled stuff, please; this is Wallingford!]

APRIL 21, 60 Years Ago: 1954 — New Haven’s television station, WNHC-TV, Channel 8, will carry the Senate Investigation Sub Committee hearings in Washington in the dispute between the Army and Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. … [More commies! Drat!]

APRIL 23, 135 Years Ago: 1879 — The tap of the drum at Cheshire academy roll call frightened a horse in the yard of the Congregational church and as a result a first-class smash up took place with nobody hurt and nobody to blame. [Right. Nowadays, everybody in sight would’ve been sued to within an inch of their lives.]

APRIL 24, 135 Years Ago: 1879 — Everybody in Meriden is on the tiptoe of expectations in anticipation of the arrival of the W. C. Coup New United Monster Show. The great variety of unusual novelties which he presents this season is simply marvelous. … [This must be how people amused themselves before “Hoarders.”] 85 Years Ago: 1929 — Morton Downey, of Wallingford, discovered by Paul Whiteman some years ago and one of the best-known Broadway carolers of popular songs, has been signed by the Hudson Motor car company for a series of six appearances. … Downey’s records are among the best sellers of the Victor Talking Machine Company. [Again, ease up on that high-tech stuff! Sheesh!]

APRIL 27, 20 Years Ago: 1994 — Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. announced that Connecticut, like nearly every other state, will not close state offices on the day of former President Nixon’s funeral. [Mr. Nixon was wrong about a number of things, including the time in 1962 when he said, “you don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”]

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