Spring has sprung; hasn’t it?

Spring has sprung; hasn’t it?


Spring! In Warsaw right now, it’s wiosna. In Paris, printemps has arrived. Rome and Madrid are enjoying primavera. In Prague, it’s jaro; in Budapest, tavasz; in Moscow, vesna.

Spring? Everywhere you look, spring has sprung — everywhere except on the lawn and in the driveway and on the streets and on the thermometer. That is, spring has arrived in every way except for ... well, except for springiness.

That is, it’s been a cold winter, and it’s still cold. It’s been a snowy winter, and it’s still snowing.

At least it was on Monday morning. Just what we needed.

But cheer up! The forecast for April through June doesn’t look bad, and that’s good. A glance at the appropriate National Weather Service maps, charts and graphs seems to show a spring that will be decidedly average around here — but we’ll take it! A wide swath of the country, from the West Coast to the Deep South, is expected to enjoy above-average temperatures from now through June. Another band, roughly from the Great Lakes to Wyoming, will be colder than average. We are in between.

Without venturing too deeply into the NWS forecast (it may be best to turn back as soon as you hit such troubling factors as “error envelopes,” “confidence intervals” and “probability of exceedence” curves), we can say with confidence that our part of North America will fall into the colorless zone of neither/nor labeled “average.”

But let’s not get too bogged down with mere facts. Surely this has been one of the longest and most depressing winters in recent memory — with plenty of storms, plenty of snow and more than enough cold. Trees have come down, or have had to be taken down; curbs have been wrecked by the plows, sidewalks by the salt. Some cities and towns treated their roads with that green stuff, which turns into concrete the minute they plow it into your driveway.

Golf courses, such as Hunter, in Meriden, opened last weekend, only to be hit with heavy rain that on Monday turned into heavy snow. And let’s not forget Punxsutawney Phil — that little rat, or whatever he is, who had the nerve to see his shadow and hand us another six weeks of winter.

Well, we’re fed up. Fed up with the closed windows and the piles of dirty snow on top of grass that looks browner and deader this year than it’s ever looked. We want to put the snow blower away and take out the lawn mower. We want to start planting things and raking things. We want some spring for a change!

Is that too much to ask?

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