LETTERS: Donald Trump Jr. / Meriden post office / Wallingford PUC

LETTERS: Donald Trump Jr. / Meriden post office / Wallingford PUC


Donald Trump Jr.


Concerning Nation and World, Record-Journal Wednesday, July 12, emails: Trump Jr. It is a little late, I would think, to claim transparency once the information is out in the open. But in retrospect: “Of course Donald Trump Jr. is transparent, just like “The Donald.” Anyone with half a brain can see right through him.

Thank you.

Klyde Dumont, Meriden

Meriden community


It has been an honor serving you for the past 36 years. I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of you. The well wishes I’ve received over the past few weeks has been overwhelming. For the time I worked at the Colony Street post office to the move to the Center Street office it has been a pleasure seeing you. As many of you have grown up from children to adults. As I have grown older, I have found it more difficult to work, but I will miss both my co-workers and you who so graciously I’ve waited on as customers. I wish everyone the best.

Gene Kirsten, retired postal worker

Commission vote


After reading the editorial in the July 11th edition of the Record-Journal, it is clear that some members of the newspaper’s editorial board do not read their own newspaper or converse with their local reporters prior to writing an editorial. As previously reported in the Record-Journal, the Wallingford Charter Revision Commission, of which I was a member, reconsidered the request of the Town Council to expand the PUC from three members to five. However, the Commission voted 8-3, not 11-0 (as indicated in the editorial) to keep the PUC at three members.

While I respect the decision of commission members who voted to maintain a three-member PUC, I, and two other members of the commission, respectively disagreed with that decision and agreed with a bipartisan majority of the Town Council to expand the PUC. Since the Wallingford Town Charter was adapted in 1961, the Town has grown significantly and the responsibilities of the PUC have expanded into areas not contemplated in 1961. It is not a matter of the system being broken and in need of fixing but rather the responsibilities of the PUC have become more complex while its budget exceeds $90 million. Given that, I believe expansion of the PUC is appropriate especially when a quorum for the PUC is two members. In no way should that be viewed as criticism of existing members of the PUC, but simply an opinion two additional members would broaden/enhance discussions and present different perspectives on issues. Most people would agree that five members is a very manageable working group. While it was pointed out that the state’s Public Utility Regulatory Authority has only three members, maybe it is just me, but I would not look to the state as a model as to how the town should conduct business.

Jim Seichter, Wallingford

Editor’s note: The following clarification ran the day after the editorial mentioned in the above letter: “A June 11 editorial said the Wallingford Charter Revision Commission voted 11-0 not to expand the town’s Public Utilities Commission. Though 11-0 was the initial vote, the commission voted not to expand the PUC by an 8-3 vote after the Town Council had asked it to reconsider.”

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