LETTERS: Meriden probate judge candidate / Sen. Suzio’s rally on the Meriden Green

LETTERS: Meriden probate judge candidate / Sen. Suzio’s rally on the Meriden Green


For Judge of Probate


As reported in the R-J July 21, the Meriden Republican Town Committee (MRTC) endorsed Atty. Ariana Ceneviva as our candidate for Judge of Probate. The vote for endorsement on July 19 was by acclamation of the 36 members present. Not only does this speak of overwhelming support for Atty. Ariana Ceneviva as our choice of candidate, but also is a testament to the qualifications she possesses for the office of Probate Judge for the District of Meriden.

The election process has yet to run its course, and the voters of Meriden will make the final choice. As a member of the MRTC, I am pleased to say we have chosen to endorse the only candidate we interviewed to be qualified to fill the position.

Anna P. Neumon, Meriden
The writer is secretary of the MRTC.

‘Pass a Budget’


A “few dozen” people attended Sen. Len Suzio’s rally? (“Suzio leads budget rally on Meriden Green”, July 21.) That’s funny. I attended, and I saw well over 100 rally attendees. At any rate, I commend Suzio for being the voice for the voiceless and being a strong advocate for our neediest residents. I have signed his “Pass a Budget” petition at www.SenatorSuzio.com and urge taxpayers to do the same.

Jane Bate, Cheshire

Sign the petition


I was a resident of Meriden for 11 years and am still very interested in the news of the city. I was able to read the Record-Journal last week while visiting for a family wedding. I want to comment on “Suzio leads budget rally on Meriden Green,” July 21:

Democratic Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz sure seems irked by Sen. Len Suzio’s “Pass a Budget” petition at SenatorSuzio.com. Some advice for Joe: Do your job and protect services for the developmentally disabled, the homeless, and domestic violence victims. Good for Sen. Suzio for stirring the pot and making the powerful uncomfortable. I would urge all citizens to sign the “Pass a Budget” petition at www.SenatorSuzio.com. It’s shameful that the State of Connecticut still does not have a budget, in spite of the very workable one submitted by the Republicans.

Patricia Martick, Knoxville, TN

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