LETTER: Lawmakers are doomed to make same mistakes again

LETTER: Lawmakers are doomed to make same mistakes again


Catherine Abercrombie CT State Representative (D) and State Representative Buddy Altobello (D) listen to speakers Friday during a rally to pass a state budget at the Meriden Green Amphitheater in Meriden Jul. 21, 2017 | Justin Weekes / For the Record-Journal

Same mistakes again


T.G.I.F. Heat wave continues. Couldn’t sleep, cats dozing. Just watched Jerry’s news: Dannel supports sanctuary for illegal aliens. Hey lady, show me your W2 forms. I know what it costs to live here. What benefits did you receive? Read the 14th Amendment. People make bad choices in life, most face the consequences. Ask O.J. Stop using sympathy and charity to sway people’s minds.

Dannel bans modern sporting rifles because of Newtown. Was it 223 or 9mm? Using a sad event to solve his political agenda. I am a law-abiding citizen. What am I entitled to? Dannel, will you give me sanctuary when they come after me? Sunday, June 25, Mike, you opine all the Dimms talking points. Have you ever fired an actual weapon? Ever fill out a ATF form 4473? I think you’re catching T.D.S. Be careful or you will end up like Paul.

Thursday, July 20, Karen you have 200 more words, please explain some of what Cathy has done for me with my money.

Light at the end of tunnel.

In my 75 years I have never seen such a mess in this country. Ever since 1969 when we brought Moon Rocks back (my pun) this country is being ruined by social engineers and progressives.

We are doomed to make the same mistakes again. Lawmakers and do gooders. Bah.

Climate change 50’s weather; Manny I will vote for you; Len and Joe keep up the fight; Chris — stating the facts keep us informed; Marty excellent letter; Walt keep up the fight; Donald my work rules: you don’t have to like me or love me just work for me; bucket list: meeting high school sweetheart.

Most facts in letter gleaned from Record-Journal.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden

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