LETTERS: Wallingford traffic / Meriden mayor’s race / Fishing issues

LETTERS: Wallingford traffic / Meriden mayor’s race / Fishing issues


Lost in space


I had a dream last night that I was Ernest Shackleton, lost on the west side of Wallingford, and valiantly attempting to find a reasonable passage to the east side. Today, no easy task. The obstacles I encountered were numerous, as were those in previous dreams, and yet I persevered.

I resurrected images of road closures, and restricted travel eastbound along Route 68 at Route 150. I simmered at the inconveniences caused by the railroad crossing work lateral to the cross-over opportunities along the Industrial Road, and dreaded the impact of the official opening of the train terminal along North Cherry Street.

I had just about written off that particular East-to-West Passage, when the dream image of exit 65’s ages-long construction progress burst across my dream-scape. It was like a Rorschach test that had been stimulated by the actual, and recent addition of, at least a half dozen, new overhead traffic lights west of the already constricted, one-lane-only entrance to the exit 65 slalom slope to Route 15. How could an east-bound traveler find access to Route 15, and better still, how could west-bound travelers onto Route 15 from River Road and Hall Avenue not congest early morning and work day-end traffic even more? And then I awoke to a new day when I would drive from Yalesville to the East Side YMCA, along Route 150, jog under the new traffic overheads at Masonic Avenue, move right along to Hartford Turnpike, left under Route 15 to Quinnipiac Street, and the east side. Piece of cake! Wow, those traffic engineers really know what they are doing … right?

Lawrence Singer, Wallingford

Voting for Masse


I will be voting for Irene Masse for Mayor of Meriden in November. She is a well-known lifelong resident with decades of public service. Qualities the mayor’s office needs. Mayor Scarpati has not kept his campaign promise, “Putting you first.” Two years in a row he refused to veto the generous budget; resulting in another Democratic tax increase. Taxes are at a all-time high. Scarpati doesn’t deserve to be mayor. Join me in November and vote for Irene Masse and the We the People/Republican slate.

Irene Welskopp, Meriden

Fishing issues


I take issue with Mike Roberts article about the decline of fish species caused by over fishing by anglers (R-J, 7/28). I don’t know how many anglers he knows that catch and sell fish or that catch and throw them in the garbage but I don’t know any. Do you think maybe a lot of the decline may be to the trawlers netting thousands of tons of fish every day?

Most sport fishermen fish and obey the law even though some of the limits are kind of ridiculous. And as far as not owning a boat because of the price of gas, a couple of years ago we were paying over $4 a gallon to go out to catch a couple of blackfish. Give me a break, put the blame where it belongs.

Skip Zona, Wallingford

No respect


We are now in a new fiscal year beginning July 1 with a new town budget in Wallingford. This year the council voted 6-3 in favor of a 2.44% tax increase. There can no longer be any doubt after this year’s budget process that this administration has no respect for the taxpayer because they pushed through another tax increase in what is an unbroken string of increases that goes back beyond the beginning of the Great Recession. None of these increases were justified based upon state mandated audited year end performance for the past 5 years where the town finished each year with a 6+ million dollar surplus. Unfortunately the audits are backward looking and they come 7 months after the budget is approved. ... This history was completely ignored by the council chairman and the council members who voted in favor of the budget. The information exists today on the state web site for all to see. The town council meetings are also available to view on “You Tube” to make your own judgment.

Continuing this behavior allows the town to avoid solving big fiscal problems while passively occupying critical positions of leadership, to the detriment of taxpayers. This behavior must stop, however it will only do so when the citizens of Wallingford decide.

Paul Ciardullo Sr., Wallingford

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