LETTERS: Deportation demands community outcry

LETTERS: Deportation demands community outcry


Still has faith


The recent deportation of Meriden residents who have been hard workers, good parents and reporting to immigration officials for years demands an outcry from our community, at the very least from interfaith coalitions and civil rights organizations. And I don’t mean the seemingly ignorant and hateful comments I read on local social media in which people seem apparently unable to read newspaper articles. Perhaps they comment only on Record-Journal article titles and do not have a subscription, to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Having lived here all my 60 years, I still have faith that ours is a good and loving community. Yes, we face challenges but this is a major challenge of our time. Have you ever challenged yourself and imagined where you would have stood on the issue of slavery in this country if you had been born circa 1830? Have you ever wondered where you would have stood politically in Germany during Hitler’s era, if you would have been a Nazi or a member of the resistance?

I am the descendant of Irish, Polish and Italian immigrants to Meriden. My Irish great-great grandfather came to Meriden after surviving the genocide of the potato famine. He married at Saint Rose’s Church in 1859. He did not become a naturalized citizen until 1870 or so. Even then, people apparently had to survive horrendous situations and be here for twenty years or so proving themselves before they were granted citizenship. Not to mention generations of enslaved black people who had to wait generations before the Civil War settled the issue of their citizenship. What kind of Yankee do you want to be? One who knows the history of this country or an idiot who still thinks Puerto Ricans are not American citizens?

Colleen Cyr, Meriden

Taxes and other issues


I rarely speak out in regard to taxes and bills and other state issues but is about time that I did. I’m not a Republican, but I firmly believe that tax and spend is stupid. I am a believer also in the death penalty for certain heinous crimes. As for guns, I don’t have one, but I believe that dangerous, unstable and crazy people should not have them. A gun in your home to protect your family from creeps in fine. The mileage tax is a joke. What will they think of next? A tax for breathing air, tolls on our highways is a bad idea. People are living check to check. Remember, contrary to popular belief not all Connecticut residents live in Greenwich. Emissions testing is a failure since trucks are basically immune from this as are many factories emitting toxins into the air and water. Property taxes is nothing short of highway robbery. They don’t judge this tax on income, but how much the property is worth. If you have a pension under $25,000 a year you still have to ridiculous property taxes ranging anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 a year.

Gasoline taxes are taking advantage of everybody that’s poor and middle class. Sewer and water bills are also unfair. President Kennedy was right, if your country is in trouble try to help your fellow man. What can you do for your country still rings today. Many people I’ve met don’t even vote and worry about where their next social partying time will be. Party later, get educated.

As for President Trump as president. No comment so far, too early to tell. He’s wrong about abolishing affordable healthcare. Everybody needs affordable health. Equality for all our Americans. It’s not happening. We need to explore this very carefully.

Nick Piccolo, Southington

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