LETTERS: Wallingford budget / New commuter train

LETTERS: Wallingford budget / New commuter train


A new fiscal year


We are now in a new fiscal year beginning July 1 with a new town budget in Wallingford. This year the council voted 6-3 in favor of a 2.44 percent tax increase. There can no longer be any doubt after this year’s budget process that this administration has no respect for the taxpayer because they pushed through another tax increase in what is an unbroken string of increases that goes back beyond the beginning of the Great Recession. None of these increases were justified based upon state mandated audited year end performance for the past 5 years where the town finished each year with a 6+ million dollar surplus. Unfortunately the audits are backward looking and they come seven months after the budget is approved. ... The information exists today on the state web site for all to see. The town council meetings are also available to view on “You Tube” to make your own judgment.

Continuing this behavior allows the town to avoid solving big fiscal problems while passively occupying critical positions of leadership, to the detriment of taxpayers. This behavior must stop, however it will only do so when the citizens of Wallingford decide.

Paul Ciardullo Sr., Wallingford



What are the projected total costs of taking the new commuter train from Meriden-Wallingford locations to Hartford-Windsor? Station parking, train and bus to work. I’m interested but can I afford it?

Charlie Chipokas, Wallingford

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