LETTERS: Gridlock in Wallingford / Meriden State Rep. Cathy Abercrombie / Southington Community Cultural arts

LETTERS: Gridlock in Wallingford / Meriden State Rep. Cathy Abercrombie / Southington Community Cultural arts


State’s union deal


Breaking news: Meriden/Berlin Democratic State Rep. Cathy Abercrombie was not out of the country for the House of Representatives’ July 24 special session vote on the governor’s deal with state unions. (“Connecticut House of Representative backs agreement with unions to save $1.5B”, July 26). Back in the United States to do her job, Rep. Abercrombie voted in favor of the deal. Inexplicably, her vote in the affirmative came despite her not having a full analysis of the deal’s price tag. With pathetic representation like this, I encourage Rep. Abercrombie to do taxpayers a favor and take more trips abroad.

Joanne Giddix, Meriden

No mention of father


I too am perplexed why the media strenuously avoids the mention of the father of N. Chavarria’s four kids, couldn’t this individual help in some way? Is he a citizen? Why no mention of his identity?

Claudia Dunton, Wallingford

Wallingford gridlock


Lately, I have found that traversing the length and breadth of Route 5 in Wallingford is becoming more difficult and vexing. Why just try to get from North Haven to Meriden, you’ll need an ample supply of food, sleeping bags, extra gasoline, maps, water, tools a large first aid kit, flares and other survival necessities.

I can’t remember the last time I saw the majority of the town under construction. For example, the Center Street job for life, the never-ending entrance ramp to Route 15, the train station 5-year construction plan with all the surrounding road closures are to name a few. Just look at how the tax base is increasing while our property taxes go up each year. I am in awe of how the state cut funding because Mayor Dickinson is so frugal while cities and towns that follow the State motto — “spend, spend, spend and worry later” — get increased funding.

I call Route 5 “The Dickinson Drag-way!” That’s because you might as well drag your car along Route 5 — it’s fuel efficient, faster, puts less wear and tear on your car and you get exercise. Where is the Planning and Zoning Commission, the mayor, the Town Council when it comes to traffic and construction? They must ride horses or have blinders so they can’t see problems and solutions. I’m just ordinary folk and my plan is finish a project then start another. It would be like cutting the grass and meanwhile trimming the bushes, watering the plants and going grocery shopping. After all, I have two arms and two legs. Why can’t I do five projects at once and never finishing any of them?

Thank you everyone for you diligence in creating gridlock and pot holes which should be referred to as craters.

John Anzidei, Wallingford

Deserves our gratitude


The Republicans embarrass only themselves with their cynical, hypocritical criticism of Rep. Cathy Abercrombie, one of our finest public servants. They claim she missed a legislative session on June 29, but there was none. (Just go to the General Assembly website at www.cga.ct.gov to confirm this.) They claim they want a budget that preserves social services, but they are the ones who over many years have tried to slash these programs. Rep. Abercrombie has consistently, passionately fought to protect our most vulnerable citizens, winning numerous awards for her legislative work.

In the current state budget battle, Rep. Abercrombie has been fighting to protect local taxpayers against loss of municipal aid, and to assure essential services for children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. For all that she does, Cathy Abercrombie has earned our gratitude.

Craig Hanson, Meriden

Thanks to SoCCA


We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Southington Community Cultural Arts (SoCCA), the artists who hand-painted the wine glasses, the caricaturists, the face painter and Mary DeCroce, the director, for hosting our mom’s 90th birthday party! This is definitely Southington’s “Diamond in the Ruff.”

The guests were not only in awe of the wonderful building but the uniqueness of the party because of SoCCA. We were also fortunate to have the wonderful art exhibit at the same time as mom’s party. Many of the guests were not aware of the wonders of this newly renovated building. We encourage you to not only visit it (if you have not already done so) but to also use it for your family gatherings; i.e., birthdays, showers, special occasions, etc. Our guests couldn’t say enough about how much fun they had! Thank you, again.

Ann Marie and Kevin Conaty, Maria and Donald Ruzich, Robert Morelli, Mary Morelli

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