LETTERS: State budget / Trump and North Korea / Meriden State Rep. Cathy Abercrombie

LETTERS: State budget / Trump and North Korea / Meriden State Rep. Cathy Abercrombie


You own this vote


Republican state lawmakers deserve praise for wisely voting “no” on the unaffordable state union deal. (“Senate approves labor package”, Aug. 1) Area Democrats all voted “yes” to a deal which ties the state’s hands for ten years. That handcuffing will lead to more state tax hikes and local property tax hikes as well as more devastating cuts to services for seniors, children, and the disabled.

Democratic state representatives from our region: Feel free to tell me why I am incorrect. Be accountable to the taxpayers you represent. After all, you do own this vote now.

Douglas Thurston, Meriden

An urgent appeal


I’m an enthusiastic, hard-charging, gung-ho and dedicated advocate for persons with disabilities and I’m serving on the boards of People First of Connecticut and the Arc of Connecticut, two of our state’s most powerful advocacy organizations. I’m writing this letter because I’m displeased and concerned that our governor along with the legislature haven’t passed a budget yet, and they keep cutting large amounts of funding to programs that administer services to persons with disabilities, like myself.

If this continues, many programs for persons with disabilities and their consumers will suffer from the lack of services: they won’t have anything to do, they’ll suffer from going without vocational and residential services, they’ll get frustrated, and so will their families.

I appeal to the citizens of Connecticut, advocates for persons with disabilities and their families to bombard the governor’s office and their legislators with phone calls and letters strongly asking them to stop cutting funding for programs and services that help us persons with disabilities live independently and with dignity.

The budget needs to be agreed on and passed ASAP.

Chad Sinanian, Danbury

Nation of nitwits


We have no one to blame but ourselves for the “nitwit” in the WH! On the other hand, he is exactly where he belongs with so many more nitwits in our nation’s capital. I find it embarrassing that North Korea’s idiot is outsmarting mighty America’s leader!

There is one obvious fact that many people can’t see! Having any amount of nuclear weapons is not going to help the possessor to anything more than “loud saber” rattling. You’re likely not going to use them in any other way.

Our Congress, each earning $250,000 with benefits, cannot get us out of this trap the Chief of Clowns has put us in. I have the answer: let N. Korea waste their resources as their population continues to starve!

John A. Francis, Meriden

Fighting for us


Over the past couple weeks I’ve been lucky to bump into Rep. Abercrombie around town. As always, she had a smile on her face and a determined attitude when I spoke to her about the challenges the legislature is facing.

Just as she has for her whole career, Rep. Abercrombie is working with her colleagues to make sure the budget that gets passed supports families and seniors, and preserves programs that help people in our community. Balancing this budget won’t be easy, but Rep. Abercrombie’s vote for the union agreement helps to fill that hole and create savings for years to come. It was a responsible, forward-thinking vote.

I know that our state is facing challenges. As a teacher, I am worried about the funding for our schools as we get ready to start a new school year.

But I am comforted in knowing that someone as thoughtful and dedicated as Rep. Abercrombie is part of this process, has a seat at the table, and is fighting for us in Hartford. She has my deepest appreciation for her continued service.

Sarah Taylor, Meriden

Pass a budget!


Area educators, parents, municipal leaders and property taxpayers would likely all concur with the Record-Journal for being unhappy about the lack of a state budget at this late date (“13 things we liked this week, 5 we didn’t, Aug. 12 editorial”).

I give credit to Sen. Len Suzio for shouting from the rooftops about how hurtful the absence of a budget is to children, seniors, and our most at-risk residents.

Suzio is holding a 7 p.m. Sep. 14 public rally at the Cheshire Council Chambers to allow the people’s voice to be heard.

Are you sick of the uncertainty too? Taxpayers from all over the state are signing Suzio’s “Pass A Budget” petition at www.SenatorSuzio.com to tell Lawmakers to do exactly that, without delay.

Lillian “Toni’ Soboleski, Meriden

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