LETTERS: Terrorism in Charlottesville / Low-income housing in Meriden / President Trump

LETTERS: Terrorism in Charlottesville / Low-income housing in Meriden / President Trump


Citizens who don’t count


An article published in the Connecticut Mirror yesterday announcing increased bus service to UConn had Gov. Malloy taking credit for keeping the parks and beaches open this summer in spite of the ongoing budget crisis.

“We chose a path that didn’t punish the citizenry for the inability of their government to come to grips with very hard decisions that have to be made,” Malloy said.

My son has a disability and he is a citizen. I am his mother and I’m a citizen too. So are the dedicated and underpaid individuals who work at his day program. We are all being punished this summer because there is no budget. His day program, which provides services for adults with disabilities, is closing for furlough days each month.

It doesn’t really help any of us that he is free to go to the beach this summer. I still have to work and if he is home, I can’t work. The people who care for him are forced to take days off without pay. And if we aren’t working, our paychecks (and our state tax contributions) are smaller.

Citizens are being punished by this. We just aren’t citizens who count in the governor’s eyes.

Peggy Embardo, Wallingford

Call it terrorism


I unequivocally condemn the horrific violence in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend at a rally of white nationalists, organized as a backlash against the city’s decision to take down a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. It was distressing to watch videos of fists flying between rally members and countering protesters. A terrifying climax was reached when rally attendee James Fields Jr. allegedly plowed a sedan right into a sea of protesters, killing one and injuring at least 19 others. The incident exposes the deep racial divide that exists in our country. It also emphasizes the need to clearly speak out against such heinous acts of violence. To effectively heal a fractured nation, let us not sugar coat the language. Twenty-year-old Fields was one among many radicalized youth at the rally. He belonged to a twisted supremacist ideology that is on the rise. Fields committed a gruesome act of terror.

Sohail Z. Husain, North Haven

Low-income housing


An article in the Aug. 6 Record-Journal revealed that 11,000 square feet of commercial space remains vacant on the first floor of the mixed-income building located on 24 Colony St. During the planning stage of the building, the Meriden mayor at that time was Manny Santos. Mayor Santos had tried to limit the number of low-cost units in the central area but was overruled by the Democrat majority, some of whom still serve today. The city of Meriden had a golden opportunity to be a jewel community but the decisions of the Democratic city council killed that dream forever. Someday, politicians will realize, government grants come with government restrictions.

Ralph J. Esposito, Meriden

An embarrassment


I would like to express my sentiments regarding the following: The man in the White House is a merciless individual who thinks he is above the law and can do as he pleases. He is a narcissist who puts himself first before all others. Our president is an embarrassment to this great nation. God help us all.

Carmen Cardona, Meriden

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