LETTERS: Trump’s attack on Blumenthal / Civil War monument debate

LETTERS: Trump’s attack on Blumenthal / Civil War monument debate


Blumenthal and Trump


On the opinion page of the Record-Journal, Wednesday, Aug. 9, President Trump referred to Democratic U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal as “a phony Vietnam con artist.” Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines “con” as to swindle, manipulate, persuade, or cajole.

I have a question for the President: “How is Trump University working out for you?!”

Klyde Dumont, Meriden

This is our history


Yes, it is terrible what happened in Virginia. That said, we can ignore history, but it can never be changed. Those who oppose the likeness of Robert E. Lee and others connected to the Civil War may want to consider this. If monuments to our history are removed, then let’s make all monuments to our past be removed. We can start with George Washington, a slave owner. Let’s take his image off the dollar bill and the quarter and while we are at it, we might as well destroy Mt. Rushmore and all things connected to Washington, including text books. Our history is dotted with many good things and many bad things, but it’s our history.

Frank Milano Jr., Meriden

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