LETTERS: Meriden lawmakers respond to funding cuts for those with disabilities

LETTERS: Meriden lawmakers respond to funding cuts for those with disabilities


Contact the speaker


Chad Sinanian of Danbury’s advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities is admirable (“An urgent appeal”, Letters, Aug. 15). Sen. Len Suzio shares Sinanian’s passion to prevent devastating funding cuts to our neediest residents. I saw that passion at Suzio’s rally on the Meriden Green last month. The state budget solution that Suzio supports preserves funds to the disabled, and rightly so.

Some advice? Contact Democratic Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz. The Speaker controls the House agenda in Hartford. Ask Aresimowicz what he’s doing to prevent vulnerable people from suffering. It’s late August. Ask Aresimowicz where his sense of urgency and leadership is.

Jane Bate, Cheshire

Making it a priority


I would like to give kudos to Rep. Cathy Abercrombie (Meriden, Berlin) for her work and participation in a rally that took place at the State Capitol on August 23. Hundreds of people with intellectual disabilities, their families and private, nonprofit staff who support them, descended on the State Capitol to tell legislators to pass a state budget that will end the cuts to the private nonprofit agencies that serve individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. The message resonated at the rally that full funding is needed for the agencies who have partnered with the state in providing these critical services to the state’s most needy citizens. Rep. Abercrombie acknowledged the work that the community nonprofit providers do and recognized that the state would not be able to do it without the providers. She has been a champion and advocate for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. This is an urgent situation for our most vulnerable citizens in the state and I am glad that Rep. Abercrombie has made it a priority during these difficult budget times.

Julie Erickson, Berlin

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